Portfolio of Services


  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - Oversee the operation of the facility for clients; monitor the preparation of and the compliance with the annual operating and capital expenditure plans, and review the sales and marketing plans; 
  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Maximize patronage; prepare operating and capital expenditure budgets; prepare marketing plans; maintain financial controls, and provide such other services required to operate a facility;
  • ACQUISITIONS/DISPOSITIONS - Assist buyers/sellers to evaluate the contemplated transaction;
  • REPOSITIONING OF PROPERTIES - Analyze affiliation concepts to maximize profitability of a facility;
  • MARKETING - Review advertising, sales and marketing programs;
  • ENHANCE PROFIT CENTER PERFORMANCE - Analyze profit centers to maximize profitability:
  • CASINO AND CAGE OPERATIONS - Review and analyze operations, including floor plans;
  • COMPLIANCE - Assist with casino regulatory compliance;
  • LABOR CONTROL AND STAFF PLANNING - Review and implement optimal staffing levels to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and increase profitability;
  • ON-SITE INSPECTIONS - Assist clients to comply with applicable franchise requirements and recommend training programs for associates;
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - Review all aspects of services provided to guests, patrons and residents, as applicable;
  • FINANCING - Identify potential sources of debt and equity financing;
  • SITE SELECTION - Assist in the identification and evaluation of sites;
  • DEVELOPMENT SERVICES - Assist in the design of facilities programs; review of architectural plans and proposals from other professional consultants, such as IT, landscape designers, kitchen, laundry, telephone, security/surveillance and sound systems, and prepare budget estimates;
  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - Assist in the selection of a project manager and general contractor;
  • PREOPENING SERVICES - Prepare for the opening of a facility with staffing plans, marketing and advertising programs, food and beverage concepts, booking systems, accounting systems, licenses, and such other activities to get the property ready for opening;
  • GOVERNMENT RELATIONS - Assist clients to establish and maintain effective government relationships;